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Internationally published children’s author Amelia McInerney was born and raised in Melbourne but has spent her adult life living in the US, UK, Canada, as well as in four states of Australia. She has finally come to a stop in Canberra, where she spends most days writing kids' books, staring out the window thinking about kids' books, and occasionally just plain staring out the window. When she's not writing, thinking or staring, Amelia likes to help people while simultaneously playing with slime; an unusual combination that makes her other job doing ultrasounds highly suitable. She also enjoys yoga and snorkelling, although not simultaneously.


Amelia’s first picture book, The Book Chook, was a CBCA Notable Book 2020 and was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Picture Book of the Year. Her subsequent titles include: Bad Crab, My Bird Bertie, Mary Had a Little Lamb: What Really Happened and Who Fed Zed? (the latter also shortlisted for SPA Book of the Year and long listed for ABDA Book of the Year.) By far, Amelia's favourite vegetable is the potato and she has a penchant for it in all cooked forms. She also has three kids, two chickens and a hermit crab.

take a virtual tour of Amelia's backyard chicken coop and meet the actual stars of the book chook!  Amelia discusses writing the book chook and gives a bonus writing tip too! 
click here for the 5-minute YouTube clip

see Amelia explain anthropomorphism (using the book chook and bad crab) and set a writing prompt!  for kids ~6-9. click here for the 3-minute youtube clip

For a 5-minute behind-the-scenes video about My Bird, Bertie, check out the CBCA's Story Scoop video
(Amelia is the third creator, at 9min 43sec)

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