Amelia grew up in Melbourne but now lives just outside Sydney in the Blue Mountains, where she spends her days writing kids' books, staring out the window thinking up stories for kids' books, and occasionally just plain staring out the window.

When she's not writing, thinking or staring, Amelia likes to help mankind while simultaneously playing with slime; an unusual combination that made her old job doing ultrasounds perfect for her. But because she loves picture books so much, she now writes full-time and just plays with dish soap once or twice a week. She also enjoys yoga and snorkelling but not at the same time because that's really hard. 


By far, Amelia's favourite vegetable is the potato and she has a penchant for it in all its cooked forms. She also has three kids, two hermit crabs and a husband.

take a virtual tour of Amelia's backyard chicken coop and meet the actual stars of the book chook!  Amelia discusses writing the book chook and gives a bonus writing tip too! 

click here for the 5-minute youtube clip

check out Amelia's explanation of anthropomorphism (using the book chook) and a writing prompt!  for kids ~6-9. click here for the 3-minute youtube clip

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