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Affirm Press
Illustrated by Lucinda Gifford    

Neil, the Amazing Sea Cucumber stars the unlikely but loveable Neil, a downhearted sea cucumber who becomes the star of the most entertaining story about the most boring character you’ve ever come across.

Themes: dry humour, sea cucumbers, and a subtle exploration of identity and self-perception and how mood and relationships can colour our world. (But mainly dry humour and sea cucumbers.)

For ages: 4 years to adults



Allen and Unwin
Illustrated by Adam Nickel
Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 4.27.39 pm.png
Zed the fish is white and red.
His poo hangs down in one long thread.
The main thing though, is what Fred said. 
Never, ever feed Zed bread.

A darkly comic, mono-rhyming story about a goldfish.
Themes: humour, awareness and acceptance of food allergies, importance of food label reading.
Who Fed Zed? is for kids aged around 3 to 8.

Who Fed Zed? is also available in the US and UK.


Scholastic Australia
Illustrated by Connah Brecon

notable sticker circle.png

When Ray discovers he's just a drawing of a chicken in the book, he panics! Can he hatch a plan to escape from the pages of the book and be a real chook? Luckily, his plucky friend, Janine, is there to help.
Themes: self-acceptance, belonging, home.
A funny, rhyming picture book that is interactive: get ready to make some noise!  For ages ~ 3 to 8.

MyBirdBertie_CV_v5 front HR.jpg


Scholastic Australia
Illustrated by Shane McG

Riding in the car with my bird, Bertie,
Riding in the car just Bertie and me...
The contented pair find that two's company and three's a crowd when giggling Gertie gets on board....then jiggy wiggle Jack and silly billy Tilly too!
Themes: introversion, extroversion, self-assertion, boundaries. 
Full of rhyme, rhythm and repetition, My Bird, Bertie is for quiet kids and loud kids alike! Ages 2 to 6.



Scholastic Australia
Illustrated by Natashia Curtin
The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly is on a ravenous rampage and the town's animals are going missing! Meanwhile, Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep... it's not looking good. It's up to Mary and her little lamb to track down the Old Lady, but will she find Bo Peep's sheep in time? Rollick along to this action-packed, never-before-retold story and find out... WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. For ages ~3 to 7 years.

Scholastic Australia
Illustrated by Philip Bunting

A tale so tall you will pinch yourself! Get set for one shell of a story, as this crabby crustacean grabs life by the claws. Bad Crab learns to stop pinching and how to make friends...but these skills don't develop overnight!

Themes: empathy, making friends, consequences.

A funny, near-wordless picture book for kids aged 1 to 8.

Bad Crab is also in French!
Gare au Crabe is available world-wide

Gare au Crabe (Bad Crab) French version Kimane.png




"Expect to be giggling, chortling then guffawing through Neil, the Amazing Sea Cucumber. Amelia McInerney writes a mockumentary-style picture book, taking a creative risk that pays off in abundance, and it’s one of the most clever and funny picture books I have read in a long while... Infused with sincerity and heart, Neil is an incredible character we can all relate to on those down-and-out days... Lucinda Gifford’s illustrations, coupled with the text, is the perfect combination of vivid colour and vibrancy which makes this picture book a true joy. McInerney has penned one of the most inventive, zany, warm and, quite simply, best picture books of the past year. For any child six and up, teacher, parent, or collector of great children’s books, Neil, the Amazing Sea Cucumber is the freshly unique, laugh-a-minute story you didn’t know you were missing."

- Books+Publishing

"The accompanying illustrations of this epic journey across the seabed had me in fits of the giggles...any adult reading this aloud will have difficulty in restraining themselves from laughing snort laughs. Highly recommended for kids (and big kids) who love some understated humour and hilarious illustrations."

- Just So Stories

"The excitement, the cucumber jokes, the fun illustrations by Lucinda Gifford, all make this picture book worth reading again and again."

- Readings


"The queen of wordplay, Amelia McInerney, has done it again with her nursery rhyme mashup, Mary Had a Little Lamb: What REALLY Happened. An action-packed retelling where the old lady who swallowed a fly has developed a taste for all sorts of animals and the town is in a panic because she is inhaling them at a rapid rate. Coupled with the anguish of a very concerned Bo Peep desperately searching for her sheep and Mary has quite the challenge on her hands to become the hero of the story!... What a great story to use in the classroom explore nursery rhymes and alternative storylines..."

- Gleebooks

"Amelia McInerney turns literary conventions on their head in this rollicking rhyme aimed at kids aged four to seven. Rather than being a passive protagonist, Mary inspires youngsters with her dynamic ingenuity, strength, and bravery. Amelia’s hilarious tale twists and turns in unexpected ways, which is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats until they find out ‘What Really Happened’.

A magnificent mash-up with a surprising conclusion, Mary Had a Little Lamb – What Really Happenedwill tickle children’s funny bones every time the story is read. With each laugh they’ll learn that it’s okay to be bold and to use your brains – especially when standing up to an insatiable adversary."

- Buzz Words

"A fun, feminist redo of some familiar tales, cleverly done."

- One More Page


Reviews - Mary had a little lamb - what really happened:

Reviews - WHO FED ZED:

"This is one of the funniest, most clever rhyming picture books I have ever read! I couldn't stop laughing! The images and text are priceless!"

- Kids Book Review

"Who Fed Zed? is an absolute delight to read aloud, with Amelia taking rhyming to the next level... Genius!"

- Honey Bee Books

"This hilarious picture book is about three friends, Ted, Ned and Fred. It's also about Fred's dog, Jed, and Fred's fish, Zed... When I read this book to my partner we both collapsed in crazed laughter. But there is a serious side to the book as the author tells us we need to be aware that many people have food allergies and highlights the importance of clear food labelling. Don't miss this book. Grab a copy and read it to your family or your class."

- Good Reading Magazine

"The rhyming in this book is seriously next level - it's sensational...Loved the twist at the end too... and although it is suggested for ages 3-6, you could absolutely use this book across all primary levels... the illustrations in this book are great and detailed enough to support the reader... This book helps to raise awareness of food allergies and highlights the importance of food labelling in a kid-friendly way."

- Mr Love's Bookshelf

"McInerney writes in a brilliant rap-style rhythm which will have you reading the story with beat in seconds. The words roll off your tongue, and your readers will adore it... this is a book to explore, reflecting on and asking questions about the illustrations as you go. The messages are masterfully camouflaged... Shane McG’s illustrations truly are joy in paper form. The illustrations and text hold hands tightly throughout this book, creating perfect unity and a deep story to explore. Sure to be a picture book classic, My Bird, Bertie is a must-have for homes and classrooms. It’s a perfect read aloud, great for groups and perfect for one-on-one reading with your kidlets to go deep into the hidden story layers."

- Kids' Book Review

"The old adage 'two's company, three's a crowd' takes on a life of its own in this humorous book, impelling children to think about the application of this adage to the story. And children will be laughing out loud repeating the words and predicting the rhyming words within the verses."

-Read Plus

"Amelia McInerney’s simple and engaging text uses rhyme, alliteration, and repetition to great effect...

a treat to read aloud."

-Buzz Words magazine

reviews - MY BIRD, BERTIE:

reviews - the book chook:

"Cross Woody Allen with Henny Penny, and what do you get? The Book Chook. Full of existential angst, laughs and comic absurdities, this humorous story follows the identity crisis of McInerney’s introspective chicken character, Ray. The book offers lots of laughs, especially when read aloud. Throughout, McInerney satirises the trend for anthropomorphism in children’s literature. This is a book that can be read on many levels." 

--CBCA Reading Time

"This cracking story is sure to appeal to adults as much as kids. This rollicking, rhyming book, with vibrant and playful illustrations, is so much fun to read out loud. The clever concept, endearing characters and lively language marks debut author Amelia McInerney as a hilarious new talent to be watched. And, despite all the fun and silliness, there's a lovely underlying message of learning to love who you are and your place in life."

--Kids' Book Review

"Outrageously silly, The Book Chook is a charismatic, well-conceived, joyously executed example of the grass not always being greener outside the chicken coop. McInerney harmonizes fun rhyming text with a zany storyline about friendship and self-acceptance that invites plenty of giggles and audience participation. Brecon’s absurdly likeable illustrations reflect all the ludicrousness and individuality of Ray’s Hawaiian shirts, inviting readers to love who and where they are despite yearnings to the contrary."

--Dim's Write Stuff

reviews - BAD CRAB:

"Bad Crab is an incredibly clever tale featuring a main character with a penchant for pinching. Perfect for reading with little people who are learning about how best to make friends (pinching not recommended), develop empathy and kindness and love a good belly laugh. The text may be minimal but the messages, humour and storytelling possibilities are endless!"

--Children's Books Daily

"There is only one word in this picture book of ocean creatures-- 'ow!' But there are many stories to be found in the panel illustrations and young readers will love finding them and talking about them. Don't be taken in by the seeming simplicity. A book to encourage creative thinking. Highly recommended. *****  "

--The Sunday Telegraph

"A wonderfully funny tale of deeds coming back to haunt you...Lots of discussion about responsibility will proceed from this funny look at behaviour."


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