(Omnibus Books - Scholastic Australia)

Illustrated by Philip Bunting

A tale so tall you will pinch yourself!

Get set for one shell of a story, as this crabby crustacean grabs life by the claws.

Bad Crab learns to stop pinching and how to make friends... but these skills don't develop overnight!

Themes: empathy, making friends, consequences.

A funny, near-wordless picture book for kids aged 1 to 8.



(Omnibus Books - Scholastic Australia) Illustrated by Connah Brecon

When Ray discovers he's just a drawing of a chicken in the book, he panics! Can he hatch a plan to escape from the pages of the book and be a real chook? Luckily, his plucky friend, Janine, is there to help.

Themes: self-acceptance, belonging, home.

A funny, rhyming picture book that is interactive: get ready to make some noise!  For ages 2 to 8.

The Book Chook is a CBCA Notable Book (2020) and was short-listed for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (2019) 


In July 2020, Bad Crab was released in France with ELCY (French title: Gare au Crabe)


More picture books to be released in 2021, with Allen & Unwin and Scholastic Australia

praise for the book chook:

"Cross Woody Allen with Henny Penny, and what do you get? The Book Chook. Full of existential angst, laughs and comic absurdities, this humorous story follows the identity crisis of McInerney’s introspective chicken character, Ray. The book offers lots of laughs, especially when read aloud. The rhyming text is humorous and lively. Throughout, McInerney satirises the trend for anthropomorphism in children’s literature. This is a book that can be read on many levels." 

--CBCA Reading Time

"This cracking story is sure to appeal to adults as much as kids. This rollicking, rhyming book, with vibrant and playful illustrations, is so much fun to read out loud. The clever concept, endearing characters and lively language marks debut author Amelia McInerney as a hilarious new talent to be watched. And, despite all the fun and silliness, there's a lovely underlying message of learning to love who you are and your place in life."

--Kids' Book Review

"Outrageously silly, The Book Chook is a charismatic, well-conceived, joyously executed example of the grass not always being greener outside the chicken coop. McInerney harmonizes fun rhyming text with a zany storyline about friendship and self-acceptance that invites plenty of giggles and audience participation. Brecon’s absurdly likeable illustrations reflect all the ludicrousness and individuality of Ray’s Hawaiian shirts, inviting readers to love who and where they are despite yearnings to the contrary."

--Dim's Write Stuff


"Bad Crab is an incredibly clever tale featuring a main character with a penchant for pinching. Perfect for reading with little people who are learning about how best to make friends (pinching not recommended), develop empathy and kindness and love a good belly laugh. The text may be minimal but the messages, humour and storytelling possibilities are endless!"

--Children's Books Daily

"There is only one word in this picture book of ocean creatures-- 'ow!' But there are many stories to be found in the panel illustrations and young readers will love finding them and talking about them. Don't be taken in by the seeming simplicity. A book to encourage creative thinking. Highly recommended. *****  "

--The Sunday Telegraph

"A wonderfully funny tale of deeds coming back to haunt you...Lots of discussion about responsibility will proceed from this funny look at behaviour."


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